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Oriton School training programmes are taught by experienced and qualified facilitators. Our curriculum has been developed with a practical hands-on-approach. Unique modules are continuously being developed in response to the changing needs of the industry.

The culinary and baking courses provide learners with job prospects, better career advancement and opportunities to go for higher-level training and education in Singapore.


What students say about Oriton School

Teacher keeps pressing us to improve in the practical skills. Now I know it is not easy to be a barista. But is a learning journey and I am looking forward to practise more. Thank you for being there to train us.

Chua Guan Sing

I learnt a lot from the teacher in the coffee class on 9 Oct and 10 Oct also shared his experience with us. The adult staff are friendly and helped me to go through the registration and administrative process patiently. The place is very convenient for me. As such, I decided to join the cake course as a return learner. Kudos to pastry teacher for the knowledge and industry experience. I am glad to have made the right decision. Thank you.

Wong Chok Kee

I learnt a lot of various coffee skills and ingredients including different equipment. Now I think time to display my skills to my friends and colleagues. I graduated happily on 10 Oct 2023. I think and hope to be able to up skill in the direction.

Yeong Chwee Hing

Just a simple thank you. I really enjoyed the baking course. Appreciate the effort to provide us a quality training. Soonest, I will go for bread course.

Ang Cheng Guan

I always think that cakes are just baking and not healthy. My thoughts change when I took up the course. They provided the good and healthy ingredients for example no salt and lower sugar. I have to create and complete many cakes in 2 to 3 days. This is a new beginning for me to more into this area of baking and pastry. Appreciation to teacher and staff.

Ang Lee Yong

Why Oriton School


In industry since 2003

Oriton School was established in 2003. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in hands-on skill training to meet industry needs.



Oriton School understand the importance of flexibility for our learners. We customize our courses to suit learners’ busy schedule. With our hands-on skill training and tailored courses, we’re here to ensure your success in today’s job market.


Convenient Location

We are situated in the heart of the city; our location offers easy access for all learners.

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