Course application information

Course consent

  • Applicants should provide true and correct information in the application form. Any false statement(s) and/or misrepresentation(s) is/are sufficient ground(s) for the rejection of application.
  • Applicants should physically and mentally fit to undertake the training programme, and not hold Oriton or its officer, trainers and applicants responsible for any physical discomfort or injuries which may occur from attending this programme.
  • Applicants to ensure that prior to training; have not enrolled in the course/module indicated above. Otherwise, applicants are to bear the full course/module fees without any subsidy

Privacy (Personal Data Protection Act)

  • Oriton is prudent to ensure that the documents of the learners submitted whether soft or hard copies are carefully kept in a designated area and only authorized person can check the documents.
  • Oriton has course file (c-file) for course which includes the application form, event order, assessment results, payment receipt, and feedback forms. All these documents are essential for the future reference, if necessary.
  • Oriton and/or SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) or its appointed agent will contact learners for the purpose of sending course/upskilling information and obtaining feedback on the effectiveness of training and its application to the workplace, including details of learners employment.
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